I rented out a Mamyia RB67 to take back to the student accommodation I am staying at as I wanted to shoot film to show the typical day of a student living in university halls. I shot all my photographs on 120 medium format black and white film. The first two images I shot of my flat mate on his laptop and some alcohol I double exposed, which was actually an accident but I think it worked out quite well. I was pleased with nearly all of my images minus one that came out blurry as I didn’t focus it well enough or moved as I took the shot.

By taking these photographs it shows the social structure that I am living in at the moment, how I have to share my living space with other people, the constant drinking/partying of university students, making new friends…etc. I took a photograph of my flat mate on his laptop and a separate image of my own laptop and monitor because I thought it was quite important to show how there is a lot of technology used by this generation. Some people could look at this and think that the new technology culture of today is a bad thing where as others would completely disagree and defend how it is extremely important.

I feel that this piece of work is similar to Nan Goldin’s as she photographs her own life and what goes on with her friends in it. I also had a similar concept of photographing a day in my life living in halls to show what my friends do and where we live.

Jimmy Paulette and Tabboo! undressing, NYC 1991




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