I’ve been thinking about how people portray themselves to the world around them. Being a girl I know that it is can be quite important to always try look our best, either with the clothes we choose to wear, the accessories we buy, the hairstyle we decide on or the make-up we put on our faces. Many girls try hide themselves behind a mask of make-up as they do not feel confident without it. I personally don’t wear much make-up as quite frankly don’t have the patience to sit in front of a mirror for ages trying to perfect myself so I only outline my eyes in eye liner & occasionally add eye shadow. Thinking about this concept I began to take self portraits of myself with no make-up on and then after with the make-up I would usually go out on a normal day in to see if I actually looked much different. I personally feel that i’m in harmony with the way I look and present myself without having to hide behind a big amount of make-up on my face.

The media culture has a major impact on the female youth of today, everywhere you look from your TV screens, to magazines to huge billboards on the side of buildings the woman on the images are portrayed as perfect beautiful and with no flaws. This of course influences girls to try and be as beautiful as the models they see, although almost all of these images they are looking at are PhotoShopped and do not show the true beauty of the models.


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