Yesterday all the photography students went on a trip to the capital to go look at three different exhibitions in the Tate Modern.

I was quite excited to see the Diane Arbus exhibition as I really enjoy looking through her work, I was very inspired by some of her photographs of contemporary life.
I had never heard of the photographer Taryn Simon before so I was also quite looking forward to seeing her work and what she likes to photograph. Her exhibition was quite intriguing from what she photographed to the way she presented her work. I really took a liking to the way she laid out her work in many huge picture frames, each image in linear form all with the exact same spacing from one another.

Taryn Simon's work at the Tate Modern

As we were in London I thought it was a good opportunity to photograph the busy life of londoner, as I am from London I know how people are always rushing around everywhere constantly throughout the day in the Capital. I sat myself down facing the river just outside the Tate and began to photograph everyone and anyone who passed in front of me. I wanted to capture all the different types of people getting on in their daily lives, some were in suits and looked like they were going back to work or leaving, some with their babies in prams and others just with their friends on a  day out.

These are the photographs I took whilst in London, I created a series of people in their daily lives.

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