After looking at Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham’s work I took out the RB67 medium format camera and decided to take some photos that were in the same style of their work. I chose to base my photographs on my boyfriend and just photograph him throughout the day from morning to night last weekend when he came to visit me. From taking this set of images I think I want to base my assignment 1 project around my new life at uni. I have previously taken images of my new life in halls which I will probably incorporate into these and start working out some more final images that I will have to go out and shoot this weekend.

I also took last four images in the set above with the Mamyia 7 medium format camera. I didn’t like these photographs at first as I find it quite hard to get the focusing right on the camera. After looking at Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham’s images I do think they work a bit better in this set as a lot of are out of focus and not sharp. From looking at these two artists I have realised that not every image has to be perfect and in focus as many images work well being blurry especially when your photographing daily things or friends because people are not always stood still for a long period of time so blur will often happen in the photographs you take.


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