This past weekend I took out the RB and shot a roll of film based on my new ‘home’ and ‘family’ I had decided that that was what I wanted to base my Assignment 1 around…me looking at my new home and family from the outside and my new social life. I photographed my friends who are seen as my new family here at uni and my new ‘home’ which was the building I am now living in, my room, bed and the building that I study in. When I went to process to film and I had a look at it I was really disappointed as they came out really thin and I knew that when I would go to print my final images that they would all be too dark and/or gray, I also knew that I didn’t have enough time to re shoot them. I really liked the photographs that I had taken so I decided to go on to print some of them. As I anticipated they did come out quite dark and some a bit flat but I really liked them as they showed what I was trying to put across so I thought that it wasn’t just about the quality of the images but the thought and meaning behind them. I edited them on my laptop to make then a bit lighter as they came up quite dark when I scanned them into the mac’s in uni.


One thought on “New Family & Home

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