I have chosen to present my work in a sketch book as I can not afford to pay to print out the digital image (a few posts below ‘Ideas’) that I am using in the large scale that I wanted it to be printed at. I would have liked to present it with that image as being the main focus point as it would have been printed to a very large size with my black and white photographs underneath it, showing myself looking onto my new life here at university. As I cannot afford to do this I am putting my final photographs into a sketch book and showing my working towards making them.

I think I have answered the question

“Are you in Harmony or in conflict with the social structure that you are a part of?”

As I believe through my selected photographs I have shown how I am in harmony with my social structure by showing how I have had to adapt to this new structure of moving to university, making friends and feeling comfortable in my new home and social life.


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