My second object for this christmas task was to look at a body of work by Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf – ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

I found his photographs very interesting as they were originally Google Streetview’s images which he turned into his where I found out how in this article I found on him…

World Press Photo: Is Google Street View photojournalism?

After reading this article I ended up asking myself the same question…is Google Streetview photojournalism? In a way I do believe it is as it is telling a story of whoever  the person or the object that is in the photograph. It makes you think about what is going on, what was happening when the Google Streetview camera took this picture? I guess in a way the Streetview camera could be seen as a photographer itself if it were to be put under the title of photojournalism, as it captured a set of photographs that have been recognised and can be seen throughout the world.

I enjoyed going through Michael Wolf’s photographs in this series. One aspect I really liked was how his photographs were quite fuzzy,  probably because taking a picture of a computer screen with  a camera usually results in an image with lines going across it. Also the photographs he chose to use in this set showing many different things in them, not only people but objects as well. Although it showed some issues too, for example the second image down…is it right to show this photograph, where it appears a boy may be getting picked on by the other two?


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