After reading through my object 1 short essay again,  ‘IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View’ I began to research in a bit more depth the text. I clicked on the ‘POKE! Artists and Social Media link which led me to the page which I have also linked to the text. On that website I saw a photograph that I really liked and decided to investigate that further.

I then began to see that the photograph actually came from a film called ‘THE RUSSIANS’ which was a Film about Oleg Videnin ‘A Tale of Russian Life and Photography’. Here are some link below which explain the film and what it is about a bit more.



A short youtube video about the film showed me more about what the film was to do with and what this photographer Oleg Videnin done. I was mainly attracted to his photographs as I liked his style of photography but was also very interesting researching about his film and the stories behind each of the photographs he took.


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