For assignment 2 I was given 8 topics to then have to choose three for further research, from these 8 I  decided to research;

MindMap – Objectification of the male:female body

MindMap – Eating Disorders

MindMap – Ageing Population

After mind mapping these three topics I chose to base my assignment 2 on the topic of ageing population.

I decided to base my assignment around this subject because as I started to research into it and find out more information that I didn’t already know it became quite interesting and appealing to me. I also started to realise that this topic related to me, as I will be part of the population that may be living for longer. As well as me being part of the generation, my parents may also be in the category, meaning the burden that the ageing population has on the economy will directly affect my family as well as all the other families out there. By beginning to researching this topic briefly, I have learnt how the older generations of today are becoming healthier, which could be linked to the medical advances of the NHS and other medical institutions. It could also be because of the fact that many people are now choosing healthier lifestyles and are beginning to stay away from things like drink and drugs (but could also not be the case in certain situations). When I begin to go into more depth in my assignment I will be hoping to find out through first hand research, i.e. interviews and casual conversations with the older generation, what they do & what they think about the ageing population and the health care of today. As well as researching the older generation I will be equally speaking to the younger age groups as they will be directly affected by the good and bad issues to come surrounding this current matter. I will try finding out what they think of the population crisis and if they think it will affect them as well as other issues, once I have researched this topic into more depth.


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