“Warren DeWitt was a 76-year-old unmarried gentleman who lived alone. 90-year-old Arden Peters was struggling to care for his Alzheimers-stricken wife. When the two men met over breakfast at a local Wal-Mart one morning, they struck up a friendship that would ultimately ease the burden of old age for both of them.

Friends for Life is an excerpt of “Aging in America: The Years Ahead,” a groundbreaking, many-faceted film by multimedia innovators Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur. In it, they explore the various challenges faced by the fastest-growing segment of the American population. As Arden says, “When you get this old you don’t look forward — you just live day to day.”

Published: November 16, 2005

Producer & Director: Julie Winokur
Editor: Katie Buono
Cinematography: Julie WinokurEd Kashi, Katie Buono, Bob Sacha
Photography: Ed Kashi
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

In today’s lecture we watched this photo film above to show us how you could add a mix of interviews, moving image, sound etc. into our research for our assignment 2. Although we were mainly watching this photo film to just be shown of the different styles of interviews, picture incorporation etc, this particular photo film really touched me.

As I am researching the ageing population for my assignment I think it came in very useful for me and made think think quite deep into how old couples deal with their patterns or themselves having to go through such tough times when it come to this difficult time in their lives.

In a group talk we had today it came up how sometimes the elder generation are just put away into care home sand left for nurses there to look after them, which I find very saddening. This film really shows how families can take care of you until the very last minute of your life. Which is what I want to research a bit more into for my assignment 1 & 2. Amazing and touching photo film, really recommend to take a look at it!


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