In todays lecture one of my tutors brought up the artist Richard Prince, I had never heard of him but as my tutor talked about him I became quit interested in his photograph of the Marlboro cowboy on the horse. There was a controversy around this photograph as he didn’t actually photograph the original image but “re-photographed” it of an advertisement but cropped out the Marlboro logos etc. Although this caused a lot of discussion it did bring up the fact of what a great image it was and how it was perfectly staged, maybe something that people wouldn’t have noticed just looking at it for an advertisement for cigarettes.


This picture appealed to me because after research on my topic of the two objects and how some people didn’t believe Michael Wolf  should have won a prize for photojournalism for his body of work, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events‘, as he technically wasn’t there at the time photographing what was happening but photographed Google street view from his computer screen. This image linked in quite well after researching for the subject.


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