After the lecture yesterday on Digital Opportunities and learning about Appropriation we were told to take one of our fellow class mates photos, back from our Christmas Task (a photo a day) and create an image on Photoshop to do with appropriation.

Appropriation is recycling, adopting & reinterpreting of an artists work/photographs. For this task I used Alex Edwards photographs from his christmas task to edit. Since the point of this mini task was to take something from the photos or just one image, edit them in some way or another to make it question the audience who would then be looking at it. I decided to use one base image which was the first smaller image if you scroll up, of the two computer screens. There were three photographs of people his the set that he gave me, so I thought I would create an image that looked like the screens were spying into their lives. I added two images into the two main screens and then in the reflection of the bigger screen I put a different image of what seems to be a family having dinner. I also put a reflecting image on the mac laptops keyboard & the mouse in the back.


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