This past Thursday (19th January) me and a few others from my photography course went along to the Meter Room to see The Mobility Project who we were all invited by Elly Clarke, there was work also being shown by Simon Clark, Kestin Honeit, Enda O’Donoghue, plan b/Sophia New, Dan Belasco Rogers & Fedora Romita. Elly Clarke was also going to be one of our first year tutors but decided to concentrate more on her projects. The Meter room was once city centre offices but now had became the Meter Room, a space for private exhibitions for and for non-profit-oranisations.

It was quite an interesting exhibition about the take up of mobile phones, the ever increasing mobility of people, information, images…etc. and how it has altered the way we perceive and interpret things.

Five Minutes on the A23 (Berlin-Heide), 2009 – colour DVD

“Keep connected, you are never alone, never alone with a mobile phone in your pocket”

“Over the last decade, particularly since the mass take‐up of the mobile phone, the ever‐increasing mobility ‐ of people, goods, information and images ‐ has radically altered the way we perceive, interpret, navigate and even describe the world. Notions of presence and absence, solitude and togetherness and even of geography are changing, as our personally tailored collections of contacts, communities, photos and politics are with us 24/7. The way we travel around the places we live in, and how we interact with others whilst we’re there has a great impact on the way we understand not only where we are, but also who we are. Communication and movement are, and always have been, closely linked, dictating the scope of our influence. But today, in a world where one tweeted photo can be seen across five continents within seconds, that influence can reach areas and cultures of which we have no concept.”

– Excerpt from Instantaneous Culture, by Berlin ban Theodor Storm

Photo by Dan Belasco Rogers

I found this project (image above) by Daniel and Sophie quite intriguing as they have both been tracking their mobility with their GPS. All the traces that were drawn out on the wall are for each trip they have made to the UK, since 2007. The drawing on the wall also lists all the journeys they recorded with GPS then ordered by the amount of times recorded in each location.

Overall I think that the exhibition raises many good points and made people really think about how mobility and the use of all these new mobile/smart phones has changed the world and its mobility. Communication between people has become increasingly easier the past years, not many people write to each other these days as there are easier and free ways or communicating now, such as mobile phones, emails, Facebook…etc. the list could go on! I think that this generation now perceive and interpret things a lot differently than before, communication has become easier and will only be on the increase as we get older!





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