Karten Thornmeahlen is a German photographer. He done a free lance exhibition project of large format prints for the series “Jahrhundertmensch” (Happy at One Hundred) in 2008. This series consisted of over 40 men and women aged 100 and over.

I personally believe that these photographs are beautiful. They are extremely detailed you can see every wrinkle in the faces of the subject, which almost tells a story about each of them. Some don’t even look older than 100, which is amazing. They all almost have a little sparkle in their eye, it shows that once you get to 100 years of age of older it doesn’t have to mean your life is now over, age is only a number, you can feel as young as you want. These photographs really remind me of my grandparents and if possible I would have loved to photograph them for my assignment but as they are abroad this won’t be possible. I would have loved to use them as my subject as they are an inspiration to me and they also believe age is only a number, its how you feel is what makes up your age.


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