As part of my first hand research for my assignment two 151MC module I decided to interview the store manager of my local Boots Pharmacy to try find out some more about medication and the amount of people coming into the pharmacy. Here is the beginning part of my interview…

Me: Have you seen an increase of customer coming into boots pharmacy in the past year or a gradual increase or decrease of people buying prescription?

Manager: I supose I should have asked your first, people dont buy prescriptions do you mean the number of prescriptions coming in?

Me: Yeah

Manager: I mean obviously prescription volume increases all the time and I think year on year doctors are prescribing far more  prescriptions year after year after year, can’t tell you what the exact figures are but we are certainly, I think, more prescriptions are dispensed every year and thats partly because of an ageing population but it covers a whole vast age range from babies to the elderly”

I found that by doing this interview I gained a better knowledge of the pharmacy side of medication and also better knowledge of volumes of prescription actually coming into a pharmacy.


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