Stem Cell Research…

“Stem cell research is a relatively new technology that takes primitive human cells and develops them into most any of the 220 varieties of cells in the human body, including blood cells andbrain cells. Some scientists and researchers have great hope for this research and its ability to uncover treatments and possibly even cures for some of the worst diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”


This research has risen much concern for the fear of human cloning and ethics of conducting research on humans, as it includes destruction of human embryos.

Some people dont think cloning humans is ethically right as it is seen as not a real human. Also the fact that some scientist is playing God…is that right?

Although people disagree with cloning there are also some benefits such as cloning specific organs whilst they are healthy so if you get ill and need a transplant when you are older this would help out majorly. But have all these medical and scientific advances gone to far?

If both these things started to become a popular procedure the ever growing ageing population would suffer even more than it is now as everyone would have their perfectly functioning body parts/organs ready for transplant in order to improve their health and lengthen their life. Even more worrying is if human cloning became prominent would that mean that no one would ever die as they would have a clone to carry their lives on? Would this result in world over crowding and other worrying problems?

Of course all these questions are too big and complicated to answer but this is just a thought and a small insight in to this new advance.

Has medical & scientific research gone too far?


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