A set of photographs taken by Gregg Segal that I became particularly interested in was in the series, Remembered: The Alzheimer’s Project.

Here is a short youtube video where Gregg Segal talks about his work.

Gregg Segal captures photos that tell a moving story  of lives before and during the disease.

This has got me thinking about my project and medication, although his work isn’t exactly to do with medication I really enjoyed the way he presented his photographs, with projecting an image of the subject on a wall and a portrait of them at the current time. For my assignment I am also thinking of doing a portrait photograph of my subject and separately photographing their medication along side some text explaining, why they take it, etc.


2 thoughts on “Gregg Segal

  1. I like your idea for your project. I would be interested in seeing a photograph showing the change in state from them taking their medication. A picture of a person unhappy, prozac and a happy person. Not sure how you get that in one picture though.

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