I know for my final product I want to create a book where all the images and research I have gained and produced these past weeks will be organised into this book. I have been experimenting with different layouts of what I could do with the pictures I took last weekend. I created four different layouts on blurb and still am not sure of what one I will use, if any. I photographed people around the university who either took or didn’t take medication.

Example 1; This is the first type of book I created (on blurb). I placed pictures of my subject on each page, all my subject were in their rooms, as I told them to be somewhere they felt comfortable and they all chose their room. I dont really like this layout as it doesn’t really have much meaning to it and I think as their in their room there is many things going on in the photograph to just concentrate on the subject and the topic.


Example 2; For this layout I simply chose to just put portraits of the people I photographed. This would only show them and leave you wondering if there were any medical problems with them, if they took anything to treat illness. Although this leaves you wondering I don’t think it is powerful enough to show my work just as a single portrait, especially as I want to get into more depth into my subjects situations.


Example 3

Example 4; this is the example that I most prefer as it shows the subject, what they take and a little description about them.

These are all examples and I may not use these at all, but I thought I needed to start working out how I wanted to lay out my final images although I am still researching and thinking about what exactly final idea is.


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