Just Between Us

In his project titled Just Between Us, and ongoing body of work, young British photographer Ross Rawlings delves into the depths, and multi-faceted complexities of his own personal relationships, through a series of images which are marked by a level of emotional, and physical intimacy rarely seen before, and which bring to mind the work American artist Nan Goldin, and that of the Magnum photographer Antoine D’Agata, who have both produced extensive narratives exploring their own relationships.

In this ever expanding visual diary, Rawlings’ focuses on his relationship with his illustrator girlfriend, Charlotte, and seeks to investigate and question, not only his own relationship, but the very essence of relationships in their widest context.

Working in a documentary style full of visual clarity, Rawlings’ reveals the myriad emotions and physical connections between Charlotte and himself. In these colour images we experience the gamut of emotions captured at every point in the couples relationship. Here we find friendship, and companionship; along with the tenderness of the emotional connection, and the intensity of their physical relationship, captured at the very climax of this most intimate of moments.

My tutor mentioned the photographer Ross Rawlings to me in class yesterday as I was still unsure of what I wanted to create with my assignment. Rawlings photographs the small things in his and his girlfriends life. For example flowers on a seat, shoes on the staircase, a mirror…etc. These are all small parts of someones life, but put together it shows that person through these objects. This made me think I could photographs someone with a medical illness but show them through these small objects and show how their illness is not what their whole life is about but only a part of it. I think that I am starting to understand what I want to do for my assignment and the message I am trying to put across.


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