“Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue, by Eugene Richards, is an indepth and intimate look at the embattled inhabitants of three representative troubled communities: East New York; North Philadelphia; and the Red Hook Housing Project in Brooklyn, New York. Accompanying the bold photographs are Richards’s personal observations and interviews of gang members, addicts, dealers, parents, children, the elderly, sex workers, police, and the clergy.

Through his book: Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue, Richards alerts us to how drugs threaten the very fabric of our society, be it through lives lost to addiction, gang gunfire, AIDS from shared needles, or crime.

Reportage has 48 selected images from Eugene Richards archive of Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue. Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue was published by Aperture in 1994.”

– reportagebygettyimages.com

This body of work by Eugene Richards appealed to me because of the style of documentary. Eugene Richard’s took an intimate look at troubled communities in America which had all been affected by drugs. Although I am basing my project on medication I think this body of work had a link to mine in the documentary aspect. I’m documenting a persons life but showing medication as a part of it where as Richards is showing how drugs in a part of his subjects life.


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