Last week as part of one of our uni days the afternoon was dedicated to The Photo Book Club meet up. Before the group met up with Matt Johnston, who is our module leader this term & Co-Founder and Editor at the Photo Book Club, we were all asked to find a photo book in the library that we liked as to present at the meeting.

Photobook…A photobook is a book which only shows one body of work from the photographer as opposed to many different images from different bodies or series of work.

I didn’t have a specific book in mind for when I went to the library, I was just going to browse through some and find one that I enjoyed looking at the pictures of. I came across many but one mainly stood out to me it was ‘The Acceptable Face’ By Nick Sinclair. I had never previously heard of this photographer before but I was really intrigued by his photographs.

– “The subjects were all leading figures from British political life, either serving MPs or Peers, in an as yet unreformed House of Lords.

Once at the meet up we all introduced our books, talked about why we chose it, how they were laid out, how the images related to the text, if there was text, how the photos were presented…etc. It was very interesting talking about all these points as some of them I hadn’t ever thought about myself before. I think that after this meeting I will definitely be looking at photo books and other photographer books a lot more differently and questioning why they do certain things.

This was the book that I bought in to show at the meeting, The Acceptable Face, by Nick Sinclair…

Some of the other books that were also bought in by my peers were,

  • Robert Haines A story in pictures
  • Ann Mandelbaum
  • Danny Lyons the bike riders
  • Broken Images by David Parker
  • (re)collect – Jonathan Shaw
  • Crash – Jonathan Shaw
  • Time|Motion – Jonathan Shaw, Eadweard Muybridge, Harold Edgerton

One thought on “Photo Book Club

  1. heyy,good work Melissa,what I liked most was that, you explained the whole process in simple words(easier to understand)the main idea is to give a message,I think which you have done clearly…

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