These are a few of the final images that I will be using in my ebook. They are a mix between documentary photography and still life photography of my subjects & medication. I chose to do this as I wanted to show how these two girls live a normal life, they do ordinary things although they both suffer with complicated conditions. Bullies usually think that certain people with illnesses are not like any other person and are different but these first few images show no difference between someone who is completely healthy and another who may have an illness.


2 thoughts on “A few final images

  1. Liking the images, bit lost to why there’s a cat however amongst the images. If refined a bit further I think would look quite nice set of images.

    With the syringes you could also get some food colouring or something to imitate toxins, medication etc.

    • It’s a documentary of her life and the things she is closest to, so her cats were part of that. I didn’t want to photoshop my images so thats why I’ve left them quite plain and simple.

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