For my assignment I have decided to make an online book. Ive chosen to aim it at;

David – 16 year old student from Huddersfield. Spends spare time playing video games and watching the television online. 

I have decided to aim it at David as my book will be more of an educational book to highlight school bullying in cases where the person cannot help the situation they are in, in my books case, illness’.  I have chosen two of my friends, one girl has Cystic Fibrosis and the other Crohn’s Disease. The book starts of with showing how my the two girls live normal lives, shows some of their precious objects, a bit of their daily routine and their comforts at home, i.e their pets, objects, a bit like Ross Rawlings photography work. It then goes onto them explaining their story about what condition they each suffer from, how they grew up with it and their secondary school experience, how they were bullied about each of their condition. The aim and message of this book is to show to school children how people may have these conditional or illnesses but they are still normal people, they may not have the ‘normal’ life you may live but they still should be treated the same and to show how bullying affects them. Hopefully by showing students in secondary a book like this will make them think twice about making fun or picking on someone with a condition that cannot be helped.

The book will be PDF format so that it is easily accessible to teaching staff and can also easily be put on a database for anyone to find. The book will also be viewed online if the school have an online network for students and parents to inform themselves on what their children are being taught in school. The over all concept on the book is to show and bring light onto how some people cannot help conditions that they are born with and should not be bullied for this at all. The stories told in my book are quite touching and I hope that this brings people to re-think before they decide to cause upset to another student.


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