The past two weeks we started our new module, Working With Light. In these past two weeks we have been learning pinhole photography and how to make our own camera! I first started of with making a basic pinhole camera out of a fanta drinking can as this was an easy small object to work with. I didn’t quite get the hang of using it as I kept processing just black negatives, this was very frustrating! We then learnt how to use a light metre to work with our pinhole cameras in order to make a ‘perfect’ picture and not just guess the time of exposure. We done this by measuring the  width from the pinhole to film/photo paper and divided by the size of the pinhole and then figure out the f-stop from there. Once we learnt this I though I would make a better pinhole camera, I done this out of making one from a rectangular tin. I painted the inside black to make sure it was all light proof and no colour would due bouncing of the inside walls as they were originally silver. Once I make a negative I was happy with I then make a positive picture from the negative pinhole image.

These are my attempts at pinhole photography (starting with my 1st attempts to my most successful, recent, attempts)…


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