Last Summer before I started my course at Coventry University I was asked to write a letter to myself in a years time asking what I would liked to have achieved and my goals in the following year.

Melissa Santos,

This following year I hope to study the subject that I am most passionate about in much further depth. I hope to learn many more techniques to help me improve my abilities as a photographer and achieve my full potential.

One of the main new goals that I am hoping to explore is working with other film cameras and not only 35mm film.  At this moment in time, I am most comfortable with using a digital camera, I enjoy the freedom of uploading the pictures to my laptop and using Photoshop to edit them. I really enjoy editing my photos and by the end of the year I hope to have also learnt many new editing techniques using PhotoShop & also some new softeware that I can take with me and use in my personal development. As well as learning how to work with film I want to learn more studio work, with lighting etc as I barely had the chance to do so in my 6th form.

Learning about different photographers and studying their work really interests me and I hope to do this throughout the year to help me with work. I want to grasp the university’s facilities to further my knowledge, widen my interests and learn about new and different photographers and photography itself. I will also want to attend nearby exhibitions and in general go to more galleries and photography exhibitions.

Overall in this following year I want to make sure I produce work that is to a high standard, that I have always tried to achieve in my 6th form, as I always try to work to the best of my ability. I hope that I will gain a lot more understanding of the subject so that I can begin to choose which path in photography I want to follow.


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