Record a visual diary. It should be as intimate and honest as you’re able to. You should make images from the first time you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep.

Direction: Imagine the person closest to you. Imagine that this morning they woke up. Got out of bed without making it. Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back. Now go into that room n your mind and see the evidence of their presence. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail this person’s effect on their immediate environment and record them.

These are the images I chose to include in my diary…

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Critical Reflection

For my visual diary I literally done what the task said word for word; “You should make images from the first time you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep”. I photographed certain parts throughout my day, starting with as I woke up, the time, my breakfast, leaving the house, post I received, sitting in my dads office, dinner and then back to bed. I was trying to show a simple day in the life of me, I remember on that particular day I didn’t do much, I left the house once and just stayed in doors the rest of it, so I photographed my traces within the house.

The way I photographed my presence in my images is, creases on my pillow, the laptop left on my bed from when I got home, a letter I opened, all the small things people sometimes dont realise the link between a human being there hours before or someone opening something and just leaving it lying around. I photographed my kitchen after me and my family had ate dinner, this is a sight I see everyday when I am home, the messiness of the kitchen after we have all finished eating. It almost something I miss at uni, eating as a family where we all help out.

I think looking back at these photographs now I would have maybe done them differently. I think I would have included other people in this visual dairy and not just myself mainly. I was quite confused to what my future tutors wanted so was a bit unsure if I was doing this correctly. I think some of the images are alright but if I were to do it now they would show much more depth in them and a bigger story line behind them.


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