A rating of 7/10 from 72,399 users is what IMDb gave Blue Velvet, which was directed and written by David Lynch in 1986. Personally I disagree with that rating but then again that is my own opinion or maybe I’m just not used to these types of film, as it is over 20 years old! The film starts of with a picturesque view of small town in America with some music in the background. The first impressions we get from the film is that it is a safe neighborhood and actually quite welcoming, even quite innocent, although by the end of the movie when they replay a similar scene you have very different thoughts of the town they are brushing such a nice picture of.

The moment we start to disbelieve that this is such a wonderful place is when one of the main characters Jeffrey Beaumont finds a decaying ear in some grass. He tries to get the local detectives to solve this mystery case but then decides to take matters into his own hands, as they are not working to the speed he would have hoped. From here on and continuously throughout the film there is an annoying dramatic sound track constantly being played in the background. This music just adds to the mount of drama that is forever unraveling. Straight from the beginning we start to see a romantic connection between Beaumont and the detective daughter, Sandy Williams.

As Sandy knew some information about a woman being accused of a murder (Dorothy Vallens) she decided to share this with Beaumont, where then Williams goes and shows him where she lives. The film is full of cut away shots, for exam when Beaumont was told not to go to Lincoln by his mother where Vallens apartment is a few moments after he appears there a quick cut away shot of the ‘Lincoln’ street sign flashes on the screen. These cut away’s progress through out the movie, many of people running up and down stairs and hallways.

In the next few scenes we are introduced to Dorothy Vallens (the victim) and Frank Booth (the villain). From the beginning Dorothy Vallens is thought to be a murderer but we discover that Booth has actually taken her husband and son from her, kidnapping them both. This gives Booth a power over Vallens and he uses this against her, abusing her mentally and sexually and also threats of killing her husband and son. The first scene we see them together he threatens her with scissors then he goes onto abusing her. Booth is involved with drug dealing and inhaling gas. This gas makes his angry and violent, this is what he always takes before abusing and lashing out at Vallens and other characters throughout the film.

The film continues with Beaumont trying to solve this mystery, to follow comes fight scenes and more dramatic acting. The film ends with a major murder scene where we also find out the mystery of the ear, which it ended up being Dorothy’s husbands.

Overall I think that Blue Velvet is quite and over dramatic film with a small attempt at creating a romantic twist to it in the case of Williams and Beaumont, which quite frankly could have been much deeper and had more thought given too it. I think the film lacked acting at point and took quite a while to get to the main story line. I do think Blue Velvet had potential to be a good film as it had quite a deep story line but I personally think some of it just didn’t work as well as it could have.


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