Mixed lighting is the strength and  the temperature of lighting, i.e blue, yellow, white etc light. In the latest studio session we were asked to use mixed lighting to illuminate two isolated subjects as well as varied lighting strengths.

The first task was to use lighting equipment in the studio to balance the light between two subjects in similar detail. One subject was inside an open space (the studio) &  the other was not far, just outside the studio doors. Both the in and outside areas have mixed lighting we had to make sure that the artificial lighting could be changed so we used three lighting sources (studio lights and the travel kit) two sources for the foreground subject and one for the background subject outside the doors. We chose to work with an ISO of 400 and took a reading of inside the studio, the average reading came to 1/125 at F8. We then had to do a reading outside the doors for that light and make sure it came to the same so we upped it three stops of F22. The image came out perfect in the first shot!

Our second task was to make it appear to be as if it was a dramatic scene, one subject had to be under a source of light where as the other subject who would be in the background had to look quite scary. Our first attempt we set the lighting at ISO 400, 1/125 at F11. The ambient light was at F2.8 so we had to make the F stop higher for the ambient light, this didn’t work out so we had to try again and changed the aperture to F22.

These were all our attempts…


2 thoughts on “Mixed Lighting & Colour Temperature

  1. Thank you for posting your technical notes on this session, i think i may have made a few mistakes on my reflection.

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