As my first year of university is nearly over I thought I would reflect upon everything that I’ve gone through these past couple of months. Coming to University last September was in fact quite scary as much as I was excited I had never been away from home for longer than a week so I was definitely a bit worried! My first term was great, I met my tutors  and all my new course friends, everyone was so friendly and we all got on straight away. I managed to get a job working at Club M as their photographer through out the first term as well as working for The Uni Bus & Platinum selling tickets for their events! I think by going to France in our second term it helped us all get to know one another better as well as get some great photographs!

…One of the main new goals that I am hoping to explore is working with other film cameras and not only 35mm film….

…by the end of the year I hope to have also learnt many new editing techniques using PhotoShop & also some new software…

…I want to learn more studio work, with lighting etc…

The quotes from above were taken from my letter to self before coming to Coventry. I can happy say I have achieved all three of these goals. I learnt how to use 120 film and work with new film and digital cameras, I was taught new skills on PhotoShop and learnt how to use a new programme, Final Cut Pro and this last term I have learnt how to use all the studio equipment and travel lighting kit!

I’ve really enjoyed my first year, and not just because of all the partying! Although sometimes I thought I couldn’t do some work and felt very stressed with it I knew my tutors would always try and help me out. Thats one of the things I like most from this course, our tutors are so helpful with our work and are very understanding. Course friends always give advice and we all help each other out, it’s a great community we have here at university.

I can’t believe my final year is coming to and end, its all gone way too fast! I’ve loved my first year so much, learnt so many new things, learnt how to become independent, made loads of new friends and worked on some great projects! I hope next year is will be just as good as this one…

Melissa Santos


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