I went to the library today specifically in search of Rinko Kawauchi’s two books, Illuminance and Murmuration. I had seen some of her work before by other people previously bringing the books to uni and just generally on the internet but had never taken them out myself to look at. Now that I have them I dont know why I had never taken them out before, their both as interesting and intriguing as each other!

Rinko Kawauchi launched her career in 2001 with simultaneous publication of three amazing photo books, Utatane, Hanabi and Hanako which helped establish hers as one of the most innovative newcomers to contemporary photography, not only in Japan but across the globe. Ten years after Kawauchi produced the photo book, Illuminance which show new photographs of Rinko taken over 15 years.


When flicking through the pages of Illuminance you get the feeling of a fantasy world, a dream, memory, light, happiness, something thats only there at that time, temporary, colour, life, your moved by the images she takes. This is what made me keep flicking through this book, every image I saw I became more curious to see the next one coming.

“It’s not enough that [the photograph] is beautiful”

“If it doesn’t move my heart, it won’t move anyone else’s heart.”

– Kawauchi

When looking through some of her work I am quite reminded of some of my own,  especially one image of the water drop on a leaf, I remember taking quite a similar image this summer as I though the little water droplets caught the sun light perfectly. I really enjoy the way Kawauchi presents her work in this photo book, its simple and easy to understand, you can take what you want from it, the images generally give me a sense of happiness, minus the few for example the dead deer. I am very inspired by this work and will take it forward and produce some of my own images which may be included into my final assignment.


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