I became interested in Kawauchi’s book Murmuration by the first few pages of images, the flocking birds on Brighton Beach. The way the birds flock swirling around in a cloud like is actually called murmuration, which was probably why the book was named Murmuration. Apparently Kawauchi is drawn to this act that the birds do at Brighton Pier and is why she took so many photographs of them, also why she photographed people towards the end of the book almost as if they are flocking the way she had set the camera to capture their long movement as they walk or run around. She also photographed objects and nature as if she was walking or running past them to get that movement feel to the image.

I get the feeling that all the images are very calm and quite peaceful . Their quite simple but very interesting and you feel as if you need to look at them for a while to study what is really going on. I really enjoyed looking through this book and also became quite inspired by some of the photographed in here.


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