I came across Michael Bosanko’s work as I was looking into light and colour photography. His work stood out to me straight away, it was bright, bold, colourful, full of light and quite fun and interesting to look at!

Michael Bosanko is actually the man behind the TalkTalk light adverts, “Brighter Phone and Broadband” provider. He produced images with a giant green dinosaur, glowing flowers, an electric bull and the queen herself.

Bosanko uses long-exposure photography and swapped paintbrushes for an array of torches to paint with light. He uses five different torches to created the colour, he covers the front of them in coloured paper to created the five tones. He then leaves his Canon camera on a long exposure to capture his amazing art work.

Here are some of Michael Bosanko’s amazing photographs…

You can also see more of his work on his website

I am really inspired by his work and want to try and create some light art myself! …Let’s see how it goes!


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