A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter’s death.

– IMDb

Confessions is a film written and directed by Tetsuya Nakashima and based upon the novel by Kanae Minato. It is about a mother who decided to get her own back on the students who had killed her young daughter but thought they could get away with it because of being such an young age.

The film starts of with the class Yuko Moriguchi teaches, they are all drinking cartons of milk which Moriguchi tell them is for a test, they are typical children and are misbehaving. There is music in the background by Radiohead, quite mysterious and we see quick shots of certain children drinking the milk and messing around. Moriguchi starts telling the class about her daughter, how she was bought up just by her as her dad had gotten AIDS and it was best for her to be brought up just by her mother. She goes onto tell the class how her daughter was found drowned in a pool but how she knew it was murder and then goes onto tell the class she knew who had done it and it was two people sat in the room. All the student became silent, we see camera shots of texts being sent form one pupil to another asking ‘who was it?’.

Flashbacks are used very often in the film, especially during the beginning. We see flashbacks of Moriguchi daughter as Moriguchi explains to the class about her and what she liked, what she done, what happened. The shots of the flashbacks are all of warm colours whereas the classroom shots are cold, blue colours, setting a different mood and adding to the building suspense of the movie. After a while of Moriguchi talking about her daughter she goes onto explaining how she added her husbands AIDs infected blood into the two cartons of milk of the two young boys who murdered her daughter but doesn’t say who’s cartons were infected. The two boys, class and the audience believe that who ever drank them two cartons of milk have now just been infected with this disease, and panic runs through the class.

The film is split into the characters’ confessions, hence the title, with a black screen appearing each time it is a new confession. By watching all the different stories you start to understand the storyline more, it is quite a complicated in depth plot if you miss small parts of it out it is quite hard to catch back up. The film carries on with each characters point of view and how they are all coping with this drama. There are a few killings throughout the film, quite gruesome and violent.  The film is quite smart showing how each of the characters deal with what is going on, one of the boys goes completely paranoid, does not trust anyone and completely loses his mind. The other boy doesn’t care, he thinks by killing people it will prove something to his long lost mother. The film ends in quite a dramatic scene, which I will not ruin for those of you who haven’t watched it.

Overall I think that the film was beautifully shot, it is extremely hypnotic and makes you want to carry on watching and find out what is going to happen next. The shots used, the colours they tone the scenes in and the music played in the background are always perfect and suit the scene perfectly making you want more. It is a dark and disturbing film that keeps hold of your attention and makes your eyes stayed glued to the screen. The acting in the film was on point and each character played their role perfectly. I really enjoyed watching this film, out of all of the three Asian films I have reviewed I would definitely recommend this film for people to watch. An all round well made, produced and thought out thriller.


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