Yesterday I was asked to go and work with the Herbert Art Galley‘s Media team and Magnums photographer Olivia Arthur to help photograph and interview some of Coventry’s local community. Me and three other photography students were introduced to the media team at the Herbert Art Gallery and were told about the project  Coventry Mysteries Week Festival. This festival is a dance, drama, music, film, digital media and visual arts events and is held in the city centre. This years theme for the festival is Peace and Reconciliation, you can find out more information about this on this link – Coventry Mysteries

Yesterday we went to Hillz FM to interview one of the ladies behind it all, Kate Hills, and Dolly who is a teenager that was helped out by her local community and Hillz FM and now has her own slot on the radio show and is doing well. We had to interview a few people about what they do for the community, how what their doing affects the community, how long have they been doing it for, why do they do it, etc. After these interviews we had to go and take portrait photos of everyone, this is where we got to work on a close basis with Olivia Arthur, which was really quite exciting. Olivia gave us tips and pointers on how to get a good photograph and how to try and show the persons emotions through the lens. I also got to use one of Olivia’s prim 24mm lens for the shoot, which was a great experience too.

These are some of the photos from throughout the day…

This was a really good experience and may even get some of my photographs put up in the city centre for the festival! I met some very inspirational people at Hillz FM and have also been invited back to speak on one of their Friday morning shows! It was also a great experience working with the Herbert Art Gallery and have also been offered to help out again if needed. Working with Olivia Arthur was really inspiriting and a great experience to see how a professional photographer such as her self works. I really enjoyed yesterday and got to participate in some of the making of this event and look forward to maybe helping out again!


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