“Meet Corey.

He loves pretty things.

America was his fashion school. Corey has moved around a lot. Having spent time in beach towns, the dirty south, the cook’s hat, LA, and finally NYC, he picked up a lot of inspiration and style in the places he’s been.

Secretly he wants to be famous. Secretly he doesn’t. Secretly he wants to change the world. That’s too many secrets.

Meet Corey, here you’ll find his blood. The images and aesthetic you see here are the ones he lives by. The stuff you don’t see here, you can find here.”

– Corey Tenold

I was linked to Tenolds photos after my blog post ‘Laura’. looking through his work it stood straight out, its bright, bold, colourful and really memorising! The colour he included in his photos stand out so much that you have to keep looking at the photo too see whats the clothes the model is wearing and what is just the background, it all blurs into one big colourful piece.

I tired to do a similar effect with two of the images I had previously taken of my friend Laura. I used photoshop to create this colour/pattern effect on the photograph. I had my background and then layered two of the same images and blended it with the background to make it seem like one picture. I then done a second image and just used one photo blended into the background pattern.

© Melissa Santos 2012 All Rights Reserved

© Melissa Santos 2012 All Rights Reserved


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