“In his series of photographs of an abandoned elevated railway in New York, Joel Sternfeld has exposed a strip of land running through the heart of one of the world’s densest cities which has somehow escaped the clutches of the real-estate developers for the last 25 years. Raised 30 feet in the air, cutting through converted factories and dividing city blocks, the “High Line” runs from Manhattan’s West Village up to 34th Street. It was built in the 1930s to accommodate the traffic from ships docking at the piers on the Hudson River. The line saw its last train in 1980 and has since languished in a state of sublime oblivion.

Sternfeld was part of a group of local residents who formed an advocacy group called Friends of the High Line who campaigned for the preservation and re-use of the line. They succeeded and work has now started on creating an innovative public space of urban parkland designed by Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro.”

The Drawbridge

I first heard about this set of work by Sternfeld through a photo book club meet up at uni. I really enjoyed looking through the book but never got the chance to go back and take a second look. I remembered that the images were quite colourful, nice green and warm tones. As i’ve been trying to focus on light and colour I though I should take a second look as it could link into my work somehow.

The book focuses more on the journey Sternfeld takes walking through  this rail line, photographing what he sees in front of him. I quite like the idea of documenting a journey and may in corporate that into my final task.


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