I have now printed my final 10 images and ordered them. I chosen 10 final photographs and printed them all at 6×4 with a white border going around each. I then laid them all out on my desk in attempt to try and sort them out into a sequence or into pairs. I decided to pair them into twos based on the similarities they each had with one another, for example one pair is put together because of the colours in them, the orange tones another because of the square of light in the middle of the image and so on. I chose to present my photographs just as prints, I did think of creating a  book but felt it wasn’t completely necessary to show the narrative of my journey/walk around Coventry capturing the light and structures and could also show this just as well as having prints of my images as little postcards. I hope the view is taken on a small journey of light through the buildings of coventry when looking through this series, Structure.

I started of with many different ideas in this assignment, I always wanted to use light and colour within my photographs and I tired many different approaches, even trying a fashion shoot with colourful clothing using the sun to light my photographs naturally. I think I finally came to a decision when I took my walk around Coventry photographing the light coming through subways and the building structures. I am happy with my final ten photographs and hope my viewer understands them and is taken on the same path through the images.


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