Yesterday I went to the Foto8 gallery at Honduras Street to volunteer helping out at their summer show launch street party.

2012 marks the fifth year of the Summershow, as it continues its trajectory as a consistently record-breaking event: this year we had more than 1200 entrants from around the globe contributing to a final count of 3,226 images of which 159 were selected for the exhibition.

The successful images hang floor to ceiling in Foto8 Gallery for a six-week period over the summer – 7 July – 18 August –  giving you, the audience, the opportunity to pick your personal favourite, which in turn may stand a chance of winning the coveted People’s Choice award – and some professional photographic kit. Meanwhile, our illustrious judges, select an overall winner, announced at the wild street party that has come to personify the spirit of the Summershow itself, with the winner receiving £2000.

There was five judges who picked out the winner of this year competition which were;

The judges for 2012 are:

Gerry Badger, Writer and Curator of photography

Phil Coomes, Picture Editor, BBC Online

Alison Jackson, Photographer

Simon Roberts, Photographer

Ossian Ward, Art Critic, TimeOut

The winner was announced as Titus Simoens’ image from the series ‘Blue, See’.

It was a really good experience helping out at the show yesterday as I got to view a bit of the behind the scenes to a gallery show/party rather than one of the viewers like I usually am. We helped out in a lot of the areas such as helping putting in voting sheets into the small catalogues, setting up gazebos, moving drinks up to the upstairs bar, then later on in the night we all helped out serving drinks at the two bars selling the catalogues and answering general questions from the public. When we left we were all given a goody bag as a little thank you for volunteering.


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