This past Wednesday I went to The Photographers Gallery in Oxford Street as I continuously saw adverts on the underground about new exhibitions going on there. One of the exhibitions was by a photographer who’s work I really enjoying looking at, Rinko Kawauchi.

The four main exhibitions at the gallery was of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012 which featured the following photographers;


“Nominated for his publication Permanent Error, published by Prestel (Germany, 2011).

Permanent Error centres on a vast dumping ground for technological waste on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital city Accra, and the young slum-dwellers whose survival depends on processing and burning this discarded material.

Hugo’s photographs of this bleak landscape question the ethics of our rapid consumption of ever-new technology and its hidden consequences.”


“Nominated for her publication Illuminance, published by Editions Xavier Barral (France, 2011).Hailed for her ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary and poetic, Kawauchi’s work explores themes of life, death and the everyday.Illuminance, the result of both commissions and personal projects, spans fifteen years of her practice. Using a soft palette of colours and masterful composition and editing skills, her images evoke moments of dreams, memory and temporality.”


Nominated for his exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK (29 January – 18 March 2011).

Stezaker’s collages examine our multi-faceted relationship to the image. Through his juxtapositions of found photographs, illustrations and stills taken from books, magazines, vintage postcards and classic movies, Stezaker adopts the content and contexts of the original images to convey new and often poignant meanings.


“Nominated for his exhibition Kapitalistischer Realismus at Dům umění České Budějovice, Budweis, Czech Republic (5 May – 12 June 2011).

Williams has been creating images of cameras, models, vehicles and other technical apparatus for the last forty years. Alluding to and borrowing from the world of advertising, his conceptual approach continuously questions our understanding of reality as reflected and communicated to us through photographs.”


“The annual award of £30,000 rewards a living photographer, of any nationality, for a specific body of work in an exhibition or publication format, which has significantly contributed to the medium of photography in Europe between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2011.”


“François Hébel, Director, Les Rencontres d’Arles; Martin Parr, artist; Beatrix Ruf, Director/Curator, Kunsthalle Zürich; and Anne-Marie Beckmann, Curator, Art Collection Deutsche Börse, Germany. Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, is the non-voting Chair.”

On the 3-5th September the floors will be closed to prepare for the award evening.

I really enjoyed going to this exhibition as I got to see some photographers I hadn’t of heard of before such as Pieter Hugo and Christopher Williams. I was actually quite glad Stezaker’s work was in this exhibition because I studied him in 6th form and done quite a bit of work based on and around him. In fact it was a few of my favourite prices of his that were being shown in the exhibition for the photography prize 2012.


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