For our summer task we were asked to…

The Summer task is about taking the practices that we’ve begun to establish (your blog, the sketchbook, the diary, the research) and begin to apply them. 

 You should all re-visit the work that we’ve done over Year One and look for the projects, ideas, photographs, artists etc that merit further investigation.  It may, for instance be the light in a certain portrait, or a subject that was interesting but didn’t quite fit into the module at the time, or a location or film/book/album that made a profound impression – each of these are key areas for reflection and research (both academic and practical).  

I went through all my first year work and picked out a few images I enjoyed either for what the actual image looked like or the way I captured it. I found from the images I did choose they were either all of people I photographed on the street either without them knowing or by asking them or pictures of me and my daily life, for example simple things or who I lived with. All the photographs also had natural light and I really like the fact that they most of them have been taken with just natural light.

A few of the photographers I really found interesting to look at were

– Richard Billingham

– Nan Goldin 

– Ross Rawlings

– Rinko Kawauchi

In my first year I really enjoyed photographing my new surrounding as I had never moved away from home I found it quite comforting photographing where I was now living and who I was living with. I also liked photographing  strangers on the street of the city I now was staying. I have always liked doing a bit of street photography, capturing people when they’re not looking so they look as natural in their own surrounding as possible and I think I will start to photograph this more. I have already started a little series of photographs of people on the tube as I travel by tube nearly every day I have started to capture people going about their daily lives on there. Taking from these photographs or bits of the photos I like I will expand on it more throughout the summer ready for when I go back to university in September.


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