Coming into my second year at university I had a brief idea that I would have to sort out my professional experience as part of one of my modules. Honestly I have no idea what I specifically want to do all I know is that I would enjoy working in a gallery, exhibition hall, working/helping alongside a photographer but apart from that or in more detail I begin to struggle. Last week I attended a lecture about this module which was also for the other media/art students as we all have to take part in the same module.

I took quite a few notes down on the lecture in hopes it would help me sort out what I wanted and needed to do in preparation for this but I am also hoping that speaking to my tutor a bit more will help me direct myself into an interesting and exciting professional experience.

A few notes I took;

– Experience can be built up of more than one placement but has to be a minimum of 20 days. Evidence all 20 days of experience, sort out health and safety papers.

– I can get my own work, paid or not…will help me to learn how to start my own business when I do leave university

– If I want I can start my own project – Not sure if I will be doing this.

– I will be assessed on two different things;

1.  Due: 9 January 2012/13; 

  • Up-­to date CV
  • SWOT analysis
  • Proposal detailing the area in which you wish to find my opportunities

2.  Due: 14th May 2012/13; 

  • Audio-visual summary of what I’ve done during my experience. To be presented to my colleagues

Keys to success; 

  • Be honest
  • Be clear and specific
  • Get a reality check
  • Positive but realistic

– Take a look at creative job applications as that may be what will get you your dream job (check moodle)


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