In yesterdays class we were discussing our new set work which is to do with site specific photography. We were given a presentation to watch as well as our tutor Caroline giving us a talk about many photographers that have done this type of work before. Some of the photographers included;

Joel Stenfeld, On This Site

Terry Kurgan, Park Pictures

Suky Best, The Return of the Native

Donovan Wylie, Prison

Jeanette Lowe, Pearse House

Taryn Simon, An American Index

And a few others. Looking at all these photographers work gave me quite a bit of inspiration as they all had done site specific work but they had also done it all very differently.

After discussing all these photographers and their work Caroline set us a task of going out into Coventry, anywhere we liked and sit down somewhere for 25mins and observe. We were to observe what was going on around us and record what we had seen in whatever way we chose too, I wrote everything down in my note pad as I preferred to record in this way. I decided to go grab a costa from the Hub (Student Union) and sit in there with my drink. I went to this specific place as I knew it would be full of people, as it always is! Student are always walking in and out of there so I thought it would be a great place to observe for near enough half hour. I decided to write down in my note book what I saw within the 25mins and found that I quickly filled a page with notes. I found myself mainly focusing on the clothes people were wearing or the colour around me…

On a whole most of the girls had over sized bags, this one man had a very nice suit on but the length of his trousers were too short for this leg length. A few of the things I wrote down were…


‘bright colours, circular lights’

‘girls eat crisps whilst sat in gym clothes’ – thought that was quite ironic

‘computers making lots of beeping noises, laughter, chatter, noise’

‘green walls, yellow seats, gray floor’

‘winter clothes, scarfs, dark coats, leather jackets’

Before this task I already knew I enjoyed people watching so I was quite happy to sit down and observe the public for 25mins and write down what I was seeing. I didn’t get bored either watching everyone walk in and out of the doors and around me. I did find out thought that I started to wonder where these people were going, where they were from, what they were chatting about with their friends, if they knew their trouser was tucked into their sock…etc. I actually really enjoyed this little experiment/task we were give.


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