For one of my first set piece of work I have been told to choose an area from 12 different maps of places in Coventry. Straight away my thoughts were I want to chose a location that I am already familiar with so that I already have some sort of background information about the place. I picked out two locations…

– Hillfields area

–  Far Gosford area

I live in between both of these places so I know of quite a few things that go on around here. A few things that spring to mind when I think of these locations are;

  • students
  • crime
  • prostitution
  • police
  • friends
  • Kasbah
  • hospital

Hillfields is quite a dangerous place to be walking alone at night and sometimes even during the day as it is actually considered to be one of the 10 most dangerous areas in the UK. Knowing this fact I will look more into the crime that goes around in Hillfields as well as the prostitution. Of course saying this it is going to be quite difficult actually getting to know the reality of what goes on as it probably isnt ideal to just to up and talk to a stranger about this. I will do some further research into both these locations and then decide where I want to base my work.

I found an article online about ‘Police launch crackdown on Hillfields prostitutes‘  which kind of says a lot about the area.

“The blitz follows complaints form people in Hillfields who are sick of living with the sex trade on their doorstep.

So far, 20 prostitutes, aged between 17 and 35, have been given cautions after being caught playing their trade. A further two have been given a second caution.
Police say the clampdown – dubbed Operation Rhinestone – has been prompted by people living near the red light area.
Officers say families have complained of being propositioned and reported cars drawing the area and discarded condoms.”
Prostitution is obviously quite a serious issue in this area which has lead to this ‘Operation Rhinestone’. I have to admit myself sometimes when I walk around where I live I feel quite unsafe as when walking alone I have experienced cars stop beside me mistaking me for someone I am not. Even walking around in jeans and a jacket strange men just assume any girl walking around this area is a prostitute, which is terrible.

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