The photography department and the fashion department have joined together to work on a joint project of creating a garment (fashion dept.) then photographing it (photography dept.) and with a chance to win a poster to be used in the clothes show project in Birmingham. I was paired up with Chris Trafford who is also on my photography course, we were then paired up with our six fashion designers.

The fashion students are creating scarfs which we then have to photograph, we have to work together to produce an image that both us photographers and the fashion students agree on and like.

We have all had a few meetings already about what we are planning on doing for the photo shoot, where it will be, what model we are using etc. We had many different ideas flowing around as we are all quite creative and we all had different ideas for the shoot. Finally we decided we would be doing a water themed photo shoot as their scarfs are based around water, mermaid themed.

We took a trip to where we were thinking of doing the photo shoot and we decided that (the image above) was the perfect location as it fitted in perfectly with our theme of water and nature.


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