Last week I had a photography trip to London to view some of the galleries there. I went along to the Saatchi gallery as I had never been there before, although I am from London I’ve never had the chance to to and view it. There were quite a few exhibitions on at the time. These were a few of my favourite ones that I viewed;

Richard Wilson, Site Specific Oil Installation

– Jon Rafman, 9 Eyes Of Google

Karl Langerfeld, The Little Black Jacket 

“The public will discover the versatility and timelessness of the iconic CHANEL jacket through Karl Lagerfeld’s 113 photographs, modelled on a range of friends of the House, with each personality adapting the garment to reflect their own inimitable style – worn as a cape on singer Lily Allen, draped around model Stella Tennant, or even transformed into a vest on model Edie Campbell.”

– Saatchi Gallery 

I really enjoyed viewing the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition. Firstly I didn’t know much about it except for the fact that there was around 113 photos of the subject modelling the same Chanel black jacket but styled in the way the model felt they could express themselves. All photographs were black and white portraits, all taken in a similar set up, plain backdrop and the model in the centre. I thought that the work was quite similar to that of Richard Averdon’s in the way he also removes the subject from the context.


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