Last weekend I went down to London to do a fashion shoot along side a hair dresser and make up artist. We came up with the theme of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and worked around that concept creating new ideas from it. The shoot took place in High Barnet in some near by woods.

I was approached for a great opportunity for working on my first professional solo photo shoot. I was told that the theme of the shoot was ‘Alice In Wonderland’. I went for a meeting with the hairdresser to talk about the theme etc. It took us about two days to find the perfect location for it because of this extravagant theme. Once that was sorted we decided on a date and I travelled back to London for it. It was really exciting and worked from really early in the morning until late that evening. On the shoot we had a hair stylist and make up artist as well as me photographing. We also had a known fashion designer lend us one of his dresses for the photo shoot which he then later said after seeing the image he would like to have another shoot with clothes especially made for it.

This was one of my greatest photography experience so far as I got to see many different sides to a professional photography shoot and learnt how much work really goes into preparing your own solo shoot. Editing and sending out all the images was also a long process as I had to of course make sure I chose the very best images to send out to everyone for their own portfolios.

Make up: Lauren Rodrigues

Hair: Monica Valente

Clothes Designer: Andrea Previ

Model: Edie Jones

These are a few photographs from the shoot; (all photos have been resized for web so not of best quality, taken on a Canon 5D mark 2)

All photographs; © Melissa Santos 2012 All Rights Reserved

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