The shoot we done last week for the clothes show live with the fashion departments scarfs turned out really well and was a great experience working with a different creative department in our university.

The day of the shoot it was sunny but a bit cold and I knew that the model would have to be getting into the fountain so I was a bit concerned for her as I didn’t want her to get ill because of this. Luckily she bought towels and wellies and prepared for the cold she was about to brace. We got the model all prepared and started to shoot. Me and Chris decided that I would be taking the photographs on the day and then that he would be editing them after. I quite pleased with this arrangement as I would prefer to take the images than editing them after.

Everything run to plan, we took many different shots with singles shots of the scarf and then shots of all the scarf made into a dress and we decided that one of them images would be the ones to submit into the competition. Me and Chris were debating in between a few different images that we should submit but we finally came to a decision, these were the two photographs…

In fact it turned out so well that mine and Chris’ image was actually one of the selected photographs to be made into a poster to be exhibited at the Birmingham Clothes Show Live. I was so excited when I was told about this as I was really hoping and working towards being one of the chosen images.


One thought on “Clothes Show Live Shoot

  1. This was the poster I chose to take at The CovUni stand on Friday.. The Uni/college forum was my favourite section of the show. Well done for having your pic published.

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