For my professional experience I have secured a place with working alongside Hereward College helping a few of their students with producing a magazine and exhibition to do with their disabilities, in this case all the student I am working with have Autism or Aspergers.

Last week was the fist time I went to visit the college along side the rest of my team, another 6 Coventry University students. All 7 of us students are studying a different range of creative media courses such as Media Production, Journalism and English, Advertising and Media and of course me, Hollie and Chris doing Photography.

We then Julie, Mandy and Paul who would be out Hereward tutors that would be assisting us during the project. We were explained to that the project would be a collection of ‘social storied’ about the college students experiences with their autism and how it has effected their lives. The social storied would then be turned into an alternative guide to autism.

I had my second visit on Friday where we met most of the students who would be taking part in this project and got to know them a bit and let them get to know us as well. We all spoke about ourselves for a few minutes and answered any question that they wanted to know more about so that they all felt comfortable around us. It was lovely getting to know the students as they are all have great out going personalities and love to talk! towards the end of the session they were all more relaxed as they all knew us a bit better and we chatted more about what they would like to include in this magazine that we are producing ‘The Alternative Guid to Autism – in photographs an words’

Until January I will be going to the college every friday lunch time or they will be coming to visit us at Coventry University so that we can really get to know each other well. After January we still start the project properly starting on making the fanzine etc.

The aim of the magazine is to;

  • Produce a body of work that represents students lives challenges
  • Utilize the skills of the journalism students to facilitate the students with AS to express their voice through the written word
  • Use a camera as a tool for organising an individuals world
  • Use photography a a medium to expres their own experiences of social situations
  • Produce a documentation of repetitions, cycles and sequences that evokes and conveys something about the quality of autism
  • Speak of the infinity of increments of behaviour and circumstances that coheres to gradual form a self and a life
  • Build positive, working relationships
  • Develop a useable resource for the wider student community and for those working with them

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