Ghost Town is a song by The Specials produced in 1981, it spent three weeks at number one and ten weeks in the top 40 in the UK. The song talks about urban decay, unemployment, inner city as generally how a town/everything that was going on made the town look like a ‘ghost town’.

I have decided to base my project on this song as when walking around where I live just outside of Hillfields it reminds me of a ghost town in a way. No one is around unless it students who live here in one of three main student accommodations in coventry or in their student houses. I dont want to base my project on unemployment like the song talks about but focus mainly on the empty roads, colours and lights.

The song talks about

“This town, is coming like a ghost town
All the clubs have been closed down”

in a way though the only time I see many people out at night here is on club nights  walking around the streets and the occasional fight between students and/or locals, which kind of links  in with another lyric

“too much fighting on the dance floor”

I dont want to photograph unemployment or the club scene around where I live but buildings, houses, empty roads, lights, colour…as this is what is portrayed in their music video. I enjoy the idea of photographing empty streets without cars, lights at night to casts bright colours in the images and just the mundane area of hillfields. I feel this would be more true to what I would be interested in photographing and documenting around my area.

I want to photograph in colour film as well as I think the grainy-ness of film photographs will work better with my project more than a sharp clear image of a digital photograph which I didn’t want to produce.


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