I’ve found it easier to write up notes in my note book whilst working on this project and then summarising all my notes into one main blog post for a few of my visits to the college as I feel this will work out better as sometimes our trips to Hereward college are just really getting to know the student a bit more and observing them. So from now on I will only post a few blogs summarising a few of my visits in one go.

By meeting the students on a weekly basis I found myself making a stronger bond with them and I defineitly feel as if they are feeling more comfortable working along side me and some of them are quite shy. I hope to make the students feel relaxed around me so that we can have a nice working environment by the time we start the project proper after the Christmas break.

So these last few weeks we have met me and my group have tired to get as much information out of the students, such a personal interests, hobbies, favourite music, what they do on the weekend etc. Just so that we could have a better understanding of their lives. On one of the weeks the students were having a YouTube session where they each would play either their favourite music to the class or show their favourite video clip. This was really interesting to see as I got to know what create things inspired them, this will later on help me with my work.

During this month we decided that the students, Mandy, Julie and Paul should come and visit Coventry University one friday instead of us going over to them. The students were really up for it and excited to visit the uni. We gave them a university tour and explained to them what it was like to be studying here and also living on campus. Some of the Hereward students are hoping to go to university in the future but have some reservations about it, either about all the people around, crowds and chaos, living with other student sin flats or houses and just worried about the amount of work. This was another reason why we thought it would be a good idea to have them come visit so that they could really get an first hand insight into the university lifestyle. On this particular Friday all the students really enjoyed themselves and some actually told us they are really excited about trying to apply and hopefully get into university after seeing Coventry! As well as talking and showing them around we took them on a tour around Ellen Terry, especially the photography area. We explained each room, even showing them the dark room! We showed them the studio and told them how we would be photographing them in there soon after christmas, they all seemed quite excited about this…which was great! This showed that they felt comfortable with us enough that they would let us already photograph them.

So so far this term and working with the students we have gained a vast insight into their lives and gotten to know each student individually so that they all feel relaxed and comfortable around us. We have proposed ideas to the students about the fanzine and exhibition we will be working towards. Of course ideas will probably change with time depending on if the students are will willing the run with the beginning ideas we have come up with etc.

Our last meet with the student before christmas was really good as we started to narrow down who would be working with who and made a plan for January. As we said bye the students were quite sad that we wouldnt be doing our usual Friday meeting and wish us all a merry christmas and new year. I am really looking forward to coming back to the college again after Christmas to start working porperly on this project and start producing some great work!

Hereward1 Hereward2


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